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Link building is the process of reaching out to other websites in your niche and requesting a link back to your website.

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Over the years, we have had the privilege to help some of Glasgow’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Below is a selection of some of those brands.

What is linkbulding?

The number of websites linking to your website has often been touted as one of (if not THE) most important rankings factors. At A1 SEO, we have worked with a wide network of real websites that we can approach when building links.

Your competitors will be building links if they are ranking well on search engines. But building links is hard work. Let A1 SEO take care of your link building efforts – it is what we do best.

How can Linkbuilding help you dominate your niche?

Link building is an art. During the link building and outreach process, we need to make sure every link packs as much of a punch as possible. Our process is based on 6 years of link building experience working on local, eCommerce and international SEO. It is a tried and tested method that delivers results month after month for our clientele.

Our Clients Have Featured In

Through our digital PR effort, we have won some truly outstanding links from exceptional publications. Below is a selection of those publications. (Updated 31.05.21).

Our Link Building & Outreach Process

Link Audit

Firstly, we look at the links you currently have. This is a good indication of how much work is required to get you to the top of the search engine results page for your desired keywords.

Our Link Audit Checks

#1 Quality

Not all links are made equal. Some links may even be doing you more harm than good. Que, the age old, disavow argument. We look at the traffic, authority and overall design of the site. 9/10 metrics alone identify a bad link, but by looking at the website itself, you can instantly identify a bad link.

#2 Volume

Quality over quantity is usually a good way to go with Google. However, once any valueless links are filtered out, it does turn into a war of numbers when reviewing links. We look at the volume of quality links pointing to your website. We also consider the frequency of new links built.

#3 Anchor Text

Anchor text is the heightened text in a URL. For example ‘SEO Glasgow’. You want to have a mixture of brand name anchor text, anchor text related to your search term and anchor text exactly matching your search term. There is a fine balance that we weight this when auditing your link profile.

#4 Competitor Benchmark

The final step in our link audit is to review your competitors’ link profiles in detail. This gives us a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape and the scale of link building required for your business. No other agency in Glasgow offers such bespoke plans based on competition.

Citation building

Once we know where we are starting from in terms of link acquisition it is time to get one of the easiest parts of link building out of the way – citation building.

What are citations?

Citations are essentially business directory listings on websites like and In the past SEOs would submit your site to 100s of directories and call it link building. Nowadays directories are used to build up citations.

How do citations help?

Citations help Google validate information like your business name, address, phone number and website. Having consistency here helps Google to confirm your location. This confirmation can give you a boost for in Google Maps and for local search terms.


After citations have been built it is straight onto outreach – the time consuming part of link building.

Outreach is the act of reaching out to webmasters, bloggers, website owners – basically anyone who has access to a site to either upsell your content with the hope of obtaining a link or offering custom content in return for a link.

Outreach via content is an easy way to amplify your current content assets by reaching out to the online community directly to generate links to your website.


The team at A1 SEO Glasgow know what type of content generates links.


When embarking on outreach campaigns firstly, we identify quality pieces of content that provide thought leadership. What is thought, leadership? Thought leadership is content within an industry that is highly credible and in-depth.


We also look at pieces of content that could naturally gain links—lists, tips and how to do well here generally.


After we have identified quality pieces of content, we then compile a list of potential sites who’s users would be interested in this content.


Once we have a list of prospects, we then send out custom emails that marry up our quality content with written articles on external sites.


It doesn’t end there. Part of the process is building up a relationship with content decision-makers. We always follow up and have a large number of websites we have worked with in the past with whom we have good relations with.

Outreach via guest posting is where we approach websites who may have a gap in their content that we can fulfil. We write the content in exchange for a link. It is a simple value exchange.


The first step is to identify quality sites who accept guest posts. The emphasis here is on quality as there are a lot of websites set up to accept guest posts and charge people for the privilege. These low-quality sites often come with risks and whilst one low-quality link isn’t likely to harm your website, a large influx of these links will. We focus on high quality, English speaking, human edited, niche-specific guest posting opportunities.


Once we have identified a list of valuable sites, we reach out and pitch unique content to each website.


We follow up and build real relationships with web editors.


Once an opportunity has been approved, the next step is to write said content and send it over for approval.


In some instances, there is a publishing fee. This is a bit of a grey area as it is against Google guidelines to purchase links. However, some genuine sites have this policy in place, and we usually make a judgement call based on-site look, traffic and metrics such as domain authority and keyword rankings.


As a by-product of successful link building campaigns, we have worked for FMCG brands in the food industry and had phenomenal results. Yes, we received a ton of links; however, the additional brand awareness outreach campaigns can generate is not to be underestimated and is a huge additional benefit of running outreach campaigns.


We have all heard of influencer outreach. Done the right way (dodging fake ‘influencers’) our link building outreach campaigns work exactly the same way – getting your brand and/or product heaps of awareness alongside the benefits of a successful link building campaign.

How Long Before You Can See Results?

SEO consultants tend to be well versed with the phrase “it depends”. Whilst it does depend, here are some rough pointers:

1. It is reasonable to see success in a matter of weeks when working with a well-established site making minor tweaks.

2. For new sites, the process can be anywhere between 4 and 9 months.

3. Sites hit with Google penalties can see a much slower improvement time and sometimes get worse before they get better.

Therefore it does depend. For new and existing sites the goalposts move.


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Hi, I’m Graham Grieve, the lead SEO consultant here at A1 SEO Glasgow. We are a highly efficient team of 11 search engine optimisation specialists based right here in Glasgow. We only offer SEO as a service. This means that, unlike most generic digital marketing agencies, 100% of your budget spent with A1 SEO Glasgow goes directly towards ranking your site higher in Google. We have over 7 years of experience ranking websites in some of the world’s most competitive niches and know exactly what works. Our campaigns are fully transparent meaning you are able to see exactly what work has been carried out on your website at any point. We also go to great lengths to educate our clients about SEO in a straight forward, no-nonsense way. It’s usually me on the other end of the phone so if you have any questions, please give me a call and together we can start ranking your website higher in search engines.

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