We realise that many large companies are keen to up skill their staff and only bring in external agencies for bigger picture, strategic direction.

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Over the years, we have had the privilege to help some of Glasgow’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Below is a selection of some of those brands.

SEO Consulting & Training Glasgow

More often than not, you have got the workforce to overhaul your site’s search performance but lack the in-depth knowledge that comes with experience. SEO staff can be costly, and with the right strategic guidance, your in-house team can get the job done.

At A1 SEO Glasgow we realise that many large companies are keen to upskill their staff and only bring in external agencies for the bigger picture, strategic direction. That’s why over the years we have consulted with and trained some of Glasgow’s largest in-house marketing teams, covering FMCG, B2B and B2C.

SEO Consultation – Scotland Wide

With our SEO consultations you receive advice from an SEO specialist with a minimum of 5 years experience. These sessions can be taken as one-off services or on a continual basis.

What’s Involved?

This section will really depend on what team we are working with inside the business. We can cover how each of your internal teams approaches SEO, as well as consulting on tech stacks that will help your business scale. With our consultancy services, you have the option to set the agenda, and we can walk you and your team through anything search-related.

Marketing Team

A1 SEO Glasgow has plenty of experience dealing with marketing managers and directors to ensure that search is evolving as it should. With a focus on scale management, your consultant will help your marketing team tackle wider strategic problems alongside outlining skill gaps and develop plans to fill these gaps.

Development Team

Worried about new deployments? A1 SEO Glasgow have encountered a ton of issues working on hundreds of deployments UK wide. We know exactly what to look out for. Looking to gear your tech stack towards SEO growth? We have blueprint upon blueprint and will work alongside your development team to make sure your tech and SEO stacks work in synergy.

Content Team

Our consultants can sit with your content team and help outline content plans that will deliver SEO growth. This usually involves training a team on how to use keyword research tools efficiently, but in some niches, it is more time and cost-effective to approach us for keyword research services. This can be fed into fully structured content plans with entity mapping and true density checks using SurferSEO.

Board Level

Is your business looking to understand how SEO can help you dominate your niche? At A1 SEO Glasgow, we live and breathe SEO. We have also advised a handful of top-level executive boards on how to gear their business towards SEO. SEO fits perfectly into various growth hacking frameworks and is a natural, long-term and sustainable strategy that can help you naturally position yourself at the top of your industry.

SEO Recruitment

The SEO industry is notoriously full of cowboys, for want of a better expression. This is due to misinformation pumped into online communities by people who simply do not know what they are talking about.

SEO recruitment is very much a candidate-driven market. SEO salaries range anywhere from £20,000 entry/assistant level to £65,000+ at director level. Most prudent SEO managers sit between £30,000 and £45,000. According to Glassdoor, the average SEO salary is £37,922 (May 2019).

All this means that a bad hire can cost a business tens of thousands before even considering the downright catastrophic consequences of letting someone unskilled near your SEO campaigns.

Luckily A1 SEO Glasgow has helped dozens of companies hire successful SEO managers. We come in the pre-interview stage and help you scope out job specs. We can also attend interviews (hourly fee per interview) and set candidates task to gauge competency.

SEO Training – Glasgow Wide

SEO is often viewed as a complex subject. Whilst some aspects of SEO are tricky, most marketing professionals have the ability to conduct killer SEO campaigns that help their business or employer dominate their niche. All of our training sessions are carried out in person by one an SEO consultant with 5+ years experience. We do not offer online training courses (yet).

This module introduces students to link building and equips students with the knowledge to go out there and obtain some killer links. We look at why links are important, how to find potential outreach opportunities, analyzing a link’s value in Ahrefs, marrying content to opportunity and how to write outreach emails. As a bonus, we also look at reverse engineering competitor’s backlinks through Ahrefs.

Looking at keyword research, this module introduces students to the keyword mindset and helps students understand the value of naturally aligning content with keyword goals. Here we look at what keywords are and why they are important, how to find keywords in Ahrefs (paid), SEMrush (paid) and Google Keyword Planner (free), keyword clusters, commercial intent and on-page keyword targeting.

The on-page SEO training module walks students through each individual on-page factor, giving them the knowledge to publish content that ranks. Here we delve into meta titles and descriptions, heading structure and page hierarchy, image optimization, internal linking and keyword density.

Bespoke SEO Training Glasgow

The majority of training sessions involve bespoke sessions. These are either one-on-one or in small groups. These courses can help coach you or your staff members through specific areas of SEO. As such, the content of the course can be decided by you.

The modules below are key fundamentals of SEO we always recommend to any business. Each module is introduced at a beginner level, delving into more advanced topics in a comfortable way. We also love questions!

Meet Your Trainer & SEO Consultant

Graham Grieve carries out the majority of our SEO consultancy and training services. Graham has over 5 years of industry experience and has worked with some of the West Coast of Scotland’s largest online FMCG, B2B and B2C brands. Graham focuses on top-level strategic SEO, technical SEO, link building, content strategies and on-page SEO.

Trusted by Local Business

Over the years, we have had the privilege to help some of Glasgow’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Below is a selection of some of those brands.


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Hi, I’m Graham Grieve, the lead SEO consultant here at A1 SEO Glasgow. We are a highly efficient team of 11 search engine optimisation specialists based right here in Glasgow. We only offer SEO as a service. This means that, unlike most generic digital marketing agencies, 100% of your budget spent with A1 SEO Glasgow goes directly towards ranking your site higher in Google. We have over 7 years of experience ranking websites in some of the world’s most competitive niches and know exactly what works. Our campaigns are fully transparent meaning you are able to see exactly what work has been carried out on your website at any point. We also go to great lengths to educate our clients about SEO in a straight forward, no-nonsense way. It’s usually me on the other end of the phone so if you have any questions, please give me a call and together we can start ranking your website higher in search engines.

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