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A1 SEO Glasgow is a Glasgow based marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimisation. We are passionate about no-nonsense SEO campaigns that deliver a robust and long-lasting return on investment.


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Over the years, we have had the privilege to help some of Glasgow’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Below is a selection of some of those brands.

A1 SEO Glasgow's Story

Our approach is rooted in transparency. We pride ourselves in educating our partners on SEO’s benefits, a pillar of online marketing that is wrongly shrouded in mystery. From the offset, we want our partners to understand what we are doing and how this will have a tangible, positive impact on their businesses.

A1 SEO Glasgow has very humble roots. Initially, the company (previously GMS Digital) was founded by Graham Grieve in 2014 to help bands, artists, and not-for-profits with their marketing efforts.

After some success, small businesses started coming to us for more complex marketing activities. Due to the demand, the company quickly transformed into a full-service digital marketing agency offering everything from SEO to social media management and web design.

It became pretty clear to us that we were one of many jack of all trades type digital agencies offering a wide range of services with only average knowledge in everything but search engine optimisation.

Late in 2016, the company moved all social media management, graphic design, and web design over to trusted niche specialists to focus purely on SEO. In this area, our team’s passions lay.

It just so happened that we developed this passion during an exciting time of change for the SEO industry. Google had recently released a handful of exciting updates that forever changed the SEO landscape. With our newfound focus, the team continued to deliver results. Lots and lots and lots of results.

In early 2019, we rebranded GMS Digital as A1 SEO Glasgow to reflect our focus on search engine marketing. By this point, 94% of our business was purely SEO and PPC, the other 6% being development projects that shared close synergy with SEO projects and targeted influencer outreach campaigns.

We dedicated our efforts to championing SEO within Glasgow’s business community. With understanding passed on from experienced industry professionals comes concrete, integrated marketing strategies that help businesses dominate their niche.

Our lovely offices at 22 Montrose Street, right in the heart of Glasgow's City Centre.


Why Choose Us

Hi, I’m Graham Grieve, the lead SEO consultant here at A1 SEO Glasgow. We are a highly efficient team of 11 search engine optimisation specialists based right here in Glasgow. We only offer SEO as a service. This means that, unlike most generic digital marketing agencies, 100% of your budget spent with A1 SEO Glasgow goes directly towards ranking your site higher in Google. We have over 7 years of experience ranking websites in some of the world’s most competitive niches and know exactly what works. Our campaigns are fully transparent meaning you are able to see exactly what work has been carried out on your website at any point. We also go to great lengths to educate our clients about SEO in a straight forward, no-nonsense way. It’s usually me on the other end of the phone so if you have any questions, please give me a call and together we can start ranking your website higher in search engines.

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