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We use a variety of tools to assess the overall
health of your website

A1 SEO Glasgow

SEO Audit

At A1 SEO Glasgow we’ve got SEO audit’s down to a tee. Over the past 5 years we have audited hundreds of websites and identified the main actionable sticking points in every website we have audited.

We use a variety of tools to assess the overall health of your website by looking at technical, on page and off-page (link building) factors.

What’s more – it’s completely free and we will only follow up with you at your own convenience.

What’s included?

An Audit from A1 SEO Glasgow covers everything you need to know about how your website sits with Google and outlines key recommendations to improve search engine positioning. Listed below is everything we consider when auditing your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO factors we take into consideration are listed below.
For an in-depth description of each potential issue please see our technical SEO page.


Are all of your pages properly encrypted? Are there any links to non-encrypted internal pages? Are any files being pulled in insecurely?

Mobile Friendliness

Is the website mobile friendly?


How fast does your website load? Are there too many render blocking resources? Does your website have a slow time to first byte? Are CSS files optimized? Is file compression enabled? Are CSS and JavaScript files minified? Are images optimized and served in next generation formats?

Duplicate Pages

Is there any duplicate pages on your website? Are these pages being tagged correctly?


Is your website using a readable sitemap?

Robots.txt File

Does your website have a robots.txt file? Is this setup properly?

Structured Data

Is there structured data on your website? Is this properly configured? Are there any opportunities for more structured data?

Search Engine Tools

Are Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools setup and configured correctly?

Status Codes

Are any pages throwing up unnecessary or unplanned errors?

Broken URLs

Are any internal or external URLs broken?

URL Paths

Are URL paths ‘clean’? Are they easy for Google and other search engines to read?

Alongside any other issues we come across when reviewing your website.

On page SEO

On page SEO factors we take into consideration are listed below.
For an in-depth description of each potential issue please see our On page SEO page.

Title Tags

Are they using the full space available? Are they cut off in search engines? Do they contain compelling copy with strong CTAs?

Description Tags

Are they specified? Are they using the full space available? Are they cut off in search engines? Do they contain compelling copy with strong CTAs?


Does each page have a unique heading? Does he page use sub-heading to create page hierarchy?


Do image names contain text? Do images use alt-tags?

Word Count

Are any of the pages being flagged as having thin content?

Keyword Density

How often does the keyword appear? Is this in line with competitors? Does the page use similar keywords and phrases that Google expects. Is the keyword used too frequently or infrequently?

Alongside any other issues we come across when reviewing your website.

Backlink Profile

The backlink profile section of your SEO audit looks at the factors listed below.
For an in-depth description of each potential issue please see our Link building and Outreach page.


Are the sites linking to the website high quality? Does the link profile look natural?


Is the number of referring domains pointing to the website sufficient to rank? What is the benchmark based on immediate competition.


What are competitors doing for links? Are there any opportunities to reverse engineer some strategies? How many links do we need to rank higher than certain competitors?

Anchor Text

Is the anchor text direct enough to rank well for specific keywords? How aggressive is the competition’s anchor text strategy? Is the website overly-aggressive when it comes to anchor text?


What rate is the website obtaining links? Is this sustainable? Will this achieve the goals within a certain timeframe? How can this be improved?

Negative SEO

Has the site been hit by any negative SEO attacks? If so, did this affect traffic? Can we easily identify these links and disavow them?

Broken Backlinks

Has the site lost previously won backlinks due to structural changes? Can we easily republish these missing pages? Should these pages be redirected to another destination?

Reffering IPs

Does the site have a substantial number of links from the same c-class IPs? What is the potential impact of this? Should we remove these links (rarely the case)?

Bespoke SEO Audit

If there are any specific issues you would like reviewed please let us know. This could include a sudden drop in rankings, difficulty ranking for certain keywords or competitors overtaking you for specific search results. Whatever issue you are struggling with, we can identify a solution.

Our Recommendations

You SEO audit will end in a list of recommendation to consider alongside a bit of commentary from one of our highly trained SEO specialists who will have a minimum of 5 years experience.

This is followed up with a 1 hour face to face or phone consultation to help you and your team scope out the resources required to achieve SEO success.

Tools We Use

Over the years we have used almost every single SEO tool imaginable. We are constantly evolving the technology we use to audit our websites, ensuring all data is as accurate and in-depth as possible. To find out more about the technology we user, check out our technology page.


At A1 SEO Glasgow the majority of our day-to-day work revolves around building backlinks. For link building there really is no competition. Ahrefs allows us to quickly judge the potential value of links at scale. Ahrefs has the largest database of indexed pages available for SEO professionals and has over 270 billion pages in their index.


SEMrush has a super-simple interface that allows us to roll out keyword and content research at scale. SEMrush has other cool features built-in that we cover using internal systems, however, you just cannot beat their Keyword Magic tool when researching SEO and Google Ads campaigns.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog definitely has the best name of any software company out there. This tool lets us crawl web pages the same way that Google and other search engines do. This allows us to recreate search engines journeys and pick up any potential issues.  Our audits are almost entirely conducted using Screaming Frog.

Trusted by Local Business

Over the years we have had the privilage to help some of Glasgow’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Below is a selection of some of those brands.


We have seen unbelievable growth year on year since working with Graham and the team. The initial process was simple and Graham worked hard to put complex SEO terms into plain English for our senior management team. Organic revenue started to increase dramatically after 4 months, continuing to this day.

Gareth Downie

Director at West Coast Foods & Skinni Range

Having worked with A1 SEO for a number of weeks now, they've helped my business grow a lot within that short space of time. SEO, PPC and more, highly recommend.

Marc Catchpole

Director, Catchh Digital

Exceptional at what they do, we needed a tonne of SEO and Digital marketing help and Graham and his team did not disappoint! 10/10.

Christopher Johnston

Director, TOMO Technology

We've worked together with several local SEO clients over the last period and Graham is not only astute, he brings a wealth of knowledge. He does what he says on the tin. Would recommend 100% and look forward to working together again to improve our clients rankings in the SERPS!

Jonny Livingston

SEO Specialist, myhotelbreak.co.uk

We used A1 SEO for our client, USC Hydraulics', website and were surprised by the results that the company delivered for us within a short space of time. The knowledge from the team was second to none after prevous experiences with SEO companies. We now rank much higher on key search terms in our industry and the long term stategy we have in place is working.

Andrew Perry

Owner, PHPerry

Graham is by far the best in SEO he not only goes out his way to help you but knows exactly what he is doing. Nothing is too much trouble for him. Thumbs up from Discount Pet Supplies

Raheela Mohammed

Owner, Discount Pet Supplies

Outstanding knowledge of current SEO strategies and best-practice; A1 was really helpful in identifying the root causes of our ranking problems to deliver sustainable improvements, rather than artificial short-term boosts.

Adam Shepherd

Reviews and Community Editor, IT Pro

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